Music Aloft - frontpageDorthe Falcon Møller

Music Aloft

Musical Symbolism in the Mural Paintings of Danish Medieval Churches

(17 x 24,5 cm) 192 pages, with illustrations.
285,- kr.

Why do the angels blow trumpets, why does the devil dance into Hell and why are the bagpipes played by a pig ?

This book, written by Dorthe Falcon Møller, answers these and many other questions in its discussion of all medieval musical motifs found in murals in Denmark and in those parts of southern Sweden formerly under the Danish crown.

Angels playing trumpet, lute and harp, as well as noisy devils, shepherds with horns and bagpipes, jesters with pipe and tabor and all sorts of other creatures, are subjected to careful scrutiny in this work.

The musical motifs of the murals deploy a particular symbolic language which was readily understood by medieval scholars, but which is rarely fully intelligible today. This is what Music Aloft sets out to remedy.

This book was originally published in danish: Klang på kalk – Musiksymbolik i dansk kalkmaleri.